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Winter is still here in full force. Burnaby had a tough time recovering. SFU, BCIT, and Douglas College were all closed. How did you fair? Is your back still sore from shoveling the sidewalk? Did you survive the long and dangerous commutes? The best place to find solace is always in the kitchen. Whether you deliver or had an upswing of people eating in, your kitchen needs to be at its best no matter what the weather. While we still don’t know what the weather holds for the month, you need to have a reliable grease cleaning company to come to your Burnaby location to keep your kitchen safe and clean.

From fast food franchises to gourmet catering and new dine out darlings, A Cambie Grease Cleaning allows you to avoid grease back-ups and unnecessary downtime. When you keep putting grease trap cleaning off, you’re putting your business in harm’s way. A clogged grease trap can emit foul smells and unsanitary messes. While that alone can stop your kitchen, the inherent danger of fire should be your primary concern. It’s your responsibility to maintain the safety of you, your staff, and your patrons. Why risk your business to costly downtime for repairs and avoidable costs? A routine grease trap cleaning at your Burnaby restaurant, franchise, or eatery gives you peace of mind. Amidst all the commotion that comes with this weather, your customers want a delicious meal and to forget the stress of their day.

Concentrate on the food, not what the food leaves behind. Contact A Cambie Grease Cleaning and schedule a routine grease trap cleaning today.