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Surrey Grease Trap Cleaning

Avoid grease back-ups and downtime with A Cambie Grease Cleaning

Improper upkeep and maintenance of grease traps can trigger sinks and drains to easily back up and because foul smells and messes. Most notably, it can result in costly downtime and repair expenses for your business! Limited circulation due to food waste and grease in the main trap body, as well as hardened fats, oils, and grease in the drainage pipes are the two most common issues with grease traps. Both of these issues can be lessened by not straining the trap and following a routine grease trap cleaning schedule.

Like all of our services, A Cambie’s grease trap offerings begin with an extensive evaluation and an accurate quote; at no time will we spring concealed charges or surprise expenditures on you. There is no job that is too big or small for us, and no make or model of grease trap that we can not service!

From there, we begin the cleaning procedure, not only draining your grease traps, but making sure they’re as clean as can be where water can stream through them without any hindrance or obstruction. At our Vancouver grease trap cleaning company, A Cambie Grease Cleaning, we love helping companies as they seek to keep their grease traps as efficiently clean as possible. Should it ever be shown that a grease trap has been inadequately serviced by one of our specialists, we will fix the problem instantly or return payment to the consumer.

Cleaning grease traps is essential for numerous businesses in the Lower Mainland, including Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, and surrounding communities. For additional information on our grease trap services, please contact A Cambie Grease Cleaning today!