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Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank pre-treats household wastewater by separating waste from all the water leaving the house. The septic system collects organics and inorganics, some of which sink to the bottom forming a biomass layer while some float to the top, producing a residue layer. Septic tanks are frequently made use of in locations which have no connection to major sewage pipelines.

At A Cambie Grease Cleaning, we provide residential septic tank cleaning for all of your household needs. By frequently using our company to clear your septic system, you are avoiding the expensive repairs that can result from an ignored system. Not maintaining your septic tank can also cause severe health and environmental risks as well as a lot of money.

While sewage backup is one clear indication your septic system needs to be cleaned, you don’t want to wait that long or you may harm the system. If you observe that drainage in your home is slow-moving or you can hear gurgling in your drains and pipes, your tank needs to be pumped. You can also pay attention to outside for mushy, wet ground, or greener grass in the area of your septic tank, as well as an uncommon, nasty odour.

If you know where your septic system is, expose the large lid prior to service. If you are unsure of where it is, our A Cambie Grease Cleaning technicians are more than happy to help you find it. We’ll pump out your tank and spray it down with a hose to knock loose any remaining solid material and flush it out of the tank.

Your residential septic system should be inspected at least every two years and pumped out and cleaned frequently. Simply contact us today to schedule your next cleaning!