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Oil pollution can have devastating impacts on the environment if left unchecked. We can do our part in keeping our environment healthy by making sure that the fat, grease, and oils used up in our restaurants are captured by our grease traps. However, once it fills it, grease traps need to be cleaned out to ensure that nothing overfills. At A Cambie, we are Richmond’s premier trap cleaning service provider. We specialize in providing only the best chemical-free cleaning services.

When left on its own, grease traps collect the fats, oils, grease, and food solids that are produced by our restaurants. These collected waste products rot to become brown grease, a substance that is too contaminated for recycling. Grease traps contain brown grease and prevents it from flowing down into our sewage systems, but if left to build up for too long, spillage can occur. Brown grease that flows down into our sewer systems can lead to blockages that eventually cause it to overflow.

Keeping your traps maintained allows you to keep your restaurants running like a well-oiled machine. Built up brown grease can cause multitudes of operational problems in your restaurants, including clogged drains and pipes, foul odors, and disruption of waste utilities, which will increase your operation costs to repair.

We understand the problems that can arise from buildup in traps. Trust in us to keep your traps clean. Whether the job is small or large, A Cambie will handle each of its problems so that you can focus on what is truly important to you.

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