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Carpet Cleaning

stain? Not a problem. At A Cambie Grease Cleaning, we provide deep cleaning for your household carpets. Carpets are a significant portion of your home and contribute to the beauty of your surroundings. They can literally make the difference between a nice room and a stunning one.

The thing is…they get high concentrations of dust bits and allergen compounds that family vacuum cleaners simply can not entirely remove. Over time, oily, dirty residue will build up on your carpet. Vacuuming regularly is an essential component to keeping your carpet clean, but it doesn’t get everything. Carpet cleaning is the key to maintaining the beauty of your carpets and ensuring that they are not only clean and fresh, but also contribute to a healthy home.

Deep cleaning your household carpet is essential to maintaining a healthy environment and getting a long life out of your investment. At A Cambie Grease Cleaning, we take pride in the work that we do and aim to exceed expectations on every job.

Our technicians are trained to go above and beyond for carpet care. We work with all types of carpeting and fabric and routinely remove soils and stains that other businesses can not. We bring industry knowledge into your home and guarantee that all jobs are done correctly the first time. Help keep the charm of your carpeting with our carpet cleaning services!

Please note that before our arrival, we ask that you move any breakables securely out of the cleaning area, then do a quick vacuum of the areas you are having serviced to enhance your cleaning.

A Cambie Grease Cleaning uses special carpet cleaning products that remove all dirt, mites, and other residues, and give your carpet a fresh look and smell that will last.

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